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Full-featured, full-performance web hosting packages for every budget.

cPanel Hosting Cloud Storage

Free Transfer of Your Sites

From cPanel to cPanel we have free web sites transfer for all server and hosting orders.

You do not have to be an expert!

You do not need to be an expert for server administration and security. Thanks to our experienced and expert team, your servers are in the right hands.

Full Performance and Full Hardware

All our servers are kept up to date and presented to you with modern hardware and software.

Hassle-free and Secure!

In our servers, all known optimization and security measures are being implemented and necessary precautions are taken to avoid any adverse events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cPanel Hosting?

cPanel hosting is one of the popular control panels. It is easy to manage your own hosting package and emails.

What is StateZero Panel?

StateZero Panel is our own client panel to easily manage your subscriptions, services, emails, and billing. cPanel or Plesk control panel is also included for advanced users.

What is Level Web?

Level Web package is there for those who would like us to design and manage their website. With a price of N$500 per month. This includes a free domain, a fully designed website and 5 updates per month. 

Can I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes. You can start small and, as you grow, upgrade to a larger package. A Downgrade is also an option to help customers keep their websites running and not lose them completely. This can be done in the StateZero Panel or just send us a support ticket.

What is cPanel Free package?

This is a free starter package. Keep in mind that this package doesn't include a paid domain name every year. You'll have to either buy a domain name yearly or choose one of the free domain name extensions: tk, .ml, .ga, .ca, .gq This package is not ad-free. This means we can edit your website and insert ads for advertising purposes. Auto-cancellation will commence if the free starter package is not used in a month after order.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a mode of computer data storage where digital data is securely stored on remote servers located off-site. These servers are maintained by third-party providers who handle hosting, management, and data security. Cloud storage allows organizations to store, access, and maintain data without the need to own and operate their own data centers. It shifts expenses from a capital expenditure model to an operational one. Data stored in the cloud is accessible via public or private internet connections. Cloud storage models include public, private, hybrid, and multicloud, each offering unique benefits such as cost-effectiveness, scalability, flexibility, and security.

How safe is Cloud Storage?

Our cloud storage services run on a military-grade safety system. Two-way mirror fail-proof backup system and a third backup system for recovering lost or deleted files. All are included in all packages.

How do I access my files on the Cloud Storage?

Your data will be accessible through SMB or Windows Explorer with the support of a VPN application we will supply and install for you. It's just like having an extra hard drive on your computer without having to connect to it. All that you would need to connect to the cloud storage is the internet.